Costa Rica Luxury Hotels for Sale

Costa Rica Luxury Hotels for Sale

Costa Rica Luxury Hotels for Sale

Costa Rica, it is said to be a small but very large developing country, can be said to be one of the most visited countries in Central America, not only for tourism, but also for business. In case you did not know Costa Rica is usually a great destination for visitors, because of its great tourist potential that is valued as one of the most visited international destinations. It has an innumerable diversity of animal and plant species which are characterized by the intertropical zone, Costa Rica was taken as a biological and cultural bridge which allowed the encounter of forest and animal species, as well as cultures.

It is obvious that you will find an endless number of Costa Rica luxury hotels for sale, but without a doubt your best option is this, one of the most wonderful Hotels for sale Costa Rica, with its beautiful and extensive areas green, has 26 rooms, swimming pool, hot tub 3 x 3 meters restaurant and beautiful balconies with an extraordinary view of the sea, the difficult thing about this type of business is to find a Costa Rica beach hotels for sale 聽that meet all your expectations, because you could say that our Costa Rica luxury hotels for sale 聽break all the schemes, because these go beyond what you are looking for, offering you the best for the most fascinating and unmatched investment of your life, do not think more Come and see each of our facilities and everything that this hotel has to offer and so that you can provide each and every client that can get to visit the place, taking this one an increase Ble and unforgettable experience.

Our Beachfront Hotel for sale in Costa Rica is among the best luxury hotels in Manuel Antonio for sale, since it has years of experience, offering the best service to each of its guests.

If you are looking to invest in Costa Rica do not doubt that our hotels for sale in Costa Rica Real Estate are the best, being your best investment for the innumerable comforts and attractions that they have to offer, therefore you have to do these businesses together with We are very confident and above all safe, however they must meet each of the requirements established to obtain this property without any inconvenience and thus be able to succeed in your project.



At the same time, it is important to note that it is located in a large part of the continent, since it is located about two or three hours from San Jos茅-Costa Rica, being this the main head of the Country located specifically in the center of the Country, this Pueblo is considered as the most important social center of the Costa Rican center, where the best opportunities for the sale of hotels in Manuel Antonio are found.

This beautiful luxury hotel for sale in Costa Rica besides being beautiful and as before posed luxurious offers a huge variety of services such as: Laundry, 3 telephone lines, 3 meters available, Reserve platform, Security cameras, Water flow, Parking (13 spaces) in 4 areas and Direct access to 2 public roads.

Also taking into account the skills services that these have to offer, such as: Cable tv, Bodega Restaurant, Website, Wi-Fi, Many free areas to continue developing, in addition to all kinds of restaurants and local businesses.

It is important to know also that these are properties totally free of mortgage or debts and that it is sold with all the complete furniture.

Likewise, we want to consider that there are employees available to continue working with the same employer near Manuel Antonio National Park about 5 minutes, so that they can continue to have an excellent service to provide to the guests, since these are molded for a high quality care.

聽This can be the best investment of your life, with it you can achieve everything you wanted one day, you can fulfill your dreams and feel a fulfilled person, this Manuel Antonio hotel for sale聽 by owner may be the first option you think about Travelers when looking for places to stay in Costa Rica, since its perfect operation as it is so far, is one of the best in the region, being the opportunity to operate its own hotel in the beautiful Costa Rica.

Consequently, our luxury hotel for sale in Costa Rica has easy access to many places to have fun and to carry out various activities which make Costa Rica a site of greater tourist interest.

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