Hotels for Sale Costa Rica Real Estate

Hotels for Sale Costa Rica Real Estate

Hotels for Sale Costa Rica Real Estate

Manuel Antonio is a small coastal town that has to offer the majority of tourist attractions within the City for its magnificent white and dark sand beaches and the animal world that surrounds it, however, the amount of activities to recreate that They can be done in it. Within Places to stay in Costa Rica, Staying in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica undoubtedly becomes your best option for its great Hotels on the beach in Manuel Antonio National Park which are part of what is now known as Ecotourism.

Costa Rica is one of the main cities that generally complies with what is considered Ecotourism, which encourages the world of business, even more the Real Estate, since due to its high demand for visitors, expansion in terms of properties, that is why the large number of Hotels for Sale for Business Investments in Manuel Antonio. Hotel or Resort for Sale in Manuel Antonio, what you are looking for we have it, within the Hotels for sale of all kinds in all areas of Manuel Antonio, we have this great opportunity for you.

This incredible Hotel Near the Beach in the Manuel Antonio National Park, is one of the best options with more than 1,330 m2 + 900 m2 with free area ideal for further development, free of mortgage and with all services. This Hotel has offered over the years an unforgettable experience to its guests, marveling at the Pacific Ocean, it is incredible the comfort that these facilities can provide, so we recommend you to go through them, so that you are the one who observes carefully each of the details they have. Well, it is important that at the time of conducting your business you have in addition to the necessary requirements with the full assurance that this is your greatest opportunity to grow in your project.



It is very important that as a buyer you know correctly what are the services that the facilities have to offer, so we invite you to communicate with us, through our contact numbers so that in this way you do not let this business opportunity go, if You want to see more images or know all the details about this Manuel Antonio Beach Hotels for sale Costa Rica and that in this way you do not miss the Opportunity to operate your own Hotel in beautiful Costa Rica.

  • Pool 10 meters x 5 meters + hot water jacuzzi 3 meters x 3 meters
  • 26 rooms
  • 3 telephone lines
  • Bathroom for employees
  • Meters 3 meters available
  • Reserve platform
  • Parking (13 spaces) in 4 areas
  • Cable tv
  • Cellar
  • Direct access to 2 public roads
  • Free of mortgage or debts
  • Sold with all the complete furniture
  • Restaurant
  • Security cameras
  • Website
  • Wifi
  • Many free areas to continue developing
  • Water stream

These are some of the features that work effectively in the facilities of Our Manuel Antonio Hotel for Sale by聽 Owner in

Are you looking for the best Hotels for Sale in Manuel Antonio? This is the best, without a doubt, a great business, which has great potential for the development of tourism because of its beautiful surroundings, you would also be generating the best income of your life, also taking into account the beautiful facilities that it has and The endless services that it has to offer such as cable TV, Wi-Fi, Website, among others. Without excluding the great service provided by the hosts, which were totally modified to provide an incredible function to each of the guests.

Know every detail with caution, and thus do not present any inconvenience, since our needs are to guarantee an excellent service to meet each of your expectations.

It should be noted that our Hotel for Sale in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is designed for any type of occasion, couples, honeymoon, family or business, on the other hand these facilities are able to adapt to the needs of each of the guests, in order to ensure an excellent stay in the place, fulfilling each one their expectations.

For more information, contact us through the following means:

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